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Here, the task of contact-free measuring systems...

... is to measure deformations in the glass surfaces (convex or concave) and to measure the glass thickness itself. This may involve flat glass and display glass. Chromatic confocal sensors can determine the thickness of the glass on one side and thus also measure coatings. Interferometric sensors measure larger distances.

CHRocodile 2 IT HTW
Measuring the thickness of adhesive layers (safety films, smart phones, flat glass)

Adhesive layers in safety films: Flat glass can also be reinforced with safety films. Applying safety films prevents the glass shattering. The films consist of multi-layer polyester and corresponding adhesive layers that bind the glass splinters if the glass breaks. If the thickness of these adhesive layers fluctuates, delamination may occur. CHRocodile sensors can measure these layer thicknesses.

Contact-free measuring sensors can measure the thickness of adhesive layers on tablet or smart phone screens. The thickness of the glass is a few hundred microns and adhesive layers have thicknesses less than 20 µm. Areas without adhesive can be identified by non-destructive measuring.

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